Breath of Life – feeding trees

More and more, I find myself setting off on a walk without first deciding where to go. Sometimes I am driving away from the house with a group, not knowing where we will end up. Then something turns up, a thought, a feeling or someone’s conversation reveals an ‘ahaa’ moment and our destination comes to mind. Occasionally, half way […]

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Merging with the elements of nature.

There are many Fairy Glens in Wales, this one certainly lives up to its name, it is a magical gorge, especially early afternoon on a warm sunny spring day. These photos and film were shot during a ‘Merging with the Elements of Nature ” workshop over Easter 2014. I have been enjoying these workshops that are spent entirely […]

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New Beginnings

This is a 20 minute film that can invoke a deep meditative state. A quiet, peaceful environment makes it easier to sink fully into the process. A wonderful day near Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia. Here the river is easy going as it makes its way through this glacial valley to the sea. Turning the other way however we see, […]

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First Post

Welcome to this new blog! It has been an idea I’ve had for a while, an idea that links my  passions of Daoist internal alchemy and playing in the sacred sites and elements of the Celtic and pre-Celtic landscape. I am lucky to live close enough to enjoy exploring many wonderful places in the welsh […]

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